Margin and Leveraged Loans

Margin Loans

Do you require a speedy boost through a margin loan? NuxTrade is here to help.

Many traders prefer margin loans since they are secured against the value of their own securities. You'll be able to have liquidity in your money on a fixed-term basis with increased purchasing power provided by a margin loan.

You'll also benefit from low interest rates and no waiting period for funding once accepted, which means the loan will be quickly sent into your account.

When you take out a margin loan with NuxTrade, there are no closing expenses, yearly fees, set-up fees, nor non-use penalties.

Leverage Loans

Traders looking for funds to manage debt, buy shares, or add stability to their personal or company balance sheet may benefit from leverage loans. These types of loans are particularly appealing to those with not-so-great credit, or those who have been rejected loans for various reasons.

Leverage loans are frequently associated with high interest rates, implying a much larger risk. They frequently enlist the help of commercial or trade banks to fund the loan.

Finally, many leverage loans include “price flex”, which means the conditions can vary over time at the bank’s discretion.

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